Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Exporters of Sheet Metal PartsAll great things begin with a belief. It is from that belief, existence is shaped. And so it has been with Presco-Mec Group. The idea was realized in 1973 by our founder late Shri R.K Gupta.

“Never grieve for the things, which you do not have, but rejoice for those, which you are having”, was the philosophy followed by our late founder.

We always espoused the path of Commitment, Devotion and Dedication.

Presco-Mec Group has come a long way to change the definition of perfection in Sheet Metal parts. We started in a small shed of 2000 sq feet with a humble beginning but a strong philosophy of keeping the 'Customer First'. Excellence has its own merits, but to strive towards it needs lot of grit and determination. One has to bottom the strokes and leave a mark of quality on each of the components leaving the factory, that’s what the group has tried to achieve in the last 5 decades. Prescomecgroup is a leading exporters of sheet metal parts and delivery is available throughout India and overseas

Motto of the organization is “Live up to the commitments”.

Presco-Mec Group will continue to strive toward its vision of becoming a world-class global exporters of Sheet Metal Parts, Sub-assemblies & Assemblies in the years to come. Our current teams, spearheading the business, are the flag bearers of the philosophy that the group rests on and we are in the process of enlarging our talented pool of professionals to target the international market with higher expertise.

I appreciate the support and collaborative efforts made by my team to realize this vision of the company.

Sharad Gupta